Thursday, March 5, 2020

How many previous owners are too many?

Whenever you want to look out for the previous owners of a vehicle check out the V5C logbook, and if it is not available in that then your first action should be to go through all the service records. There is a chance that you may find names, addresses and contact numbers.

Usually this is the fastest way to obtain previous ownership details.

There is also another way where you can ask for information, just fill up a form from the DVLA V888. For a reasonable cause, DVLA provides free car owner information.

Our CarDotCheck’s full car check provides a variety of information regarding the used car:
•    Stolen Car check
•    Age of the Vehicle
•    Number of previous car owners
•    Date of change of previous car owner
•    Date of Previous car owner selling date
•    Acquisition of the vehicle by previous owner
•    Whether the car was Exported or Imported
•    Date of registration of the vehicle UK
•    VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) check
•    If the car has any Outstanding finance such as Hire Purchase or PCP

How many previous owners are too many?

One thing that seems to be overlooked is the fact that, when we talk about previous owners, it is generally excluding the first owner, supposing if a car has had 2 previous car owners then it means the car has had 2 keepers after the first owner.

At CarDotCheck, we recommend a range of 5-7 previous owners. The lesser number of previous owners a car has the better. There are several factors that need to be considered namely vehicle age, number of miles it has run, engine condition, MOT records.

Thinking of buying a used car? Used cars are better off than new cars which lose their value in depreciation, doing a thorough car check can save you lots of money.

Buying a used car without checking is a foolish thing to do, there is a high probability that you could be purchasing a car which could have been reported as stolen, or have a former previous car owner who hasn’t settled the outstanding financial agreements associated with the vehicle – which could be reclaimed by the police or the financial agency who are the legal owner unless the finance dues have been left unpaid.

Sometimes the car may have been written off or set to scrap, both of them being dangerous in the sense that the car owner and the public could be in a fatal situation if anything were to go wrong with the vehicle.

The Full Car Checks we offer at CarDotCheck include several information that you can use to find out if a car was stolen or not, set to be scrapped or insurance written-off, whether or not it had previous car owners, outstanding finance, its MOT history, how much carbon emissions it emits, and VIC inspection among other things.